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The Ministry of Development and Technology has announced a significant reduction in calling on citizens to submit explanations in person in various offices. As the ministry points out, ending this bureaucratic practice will allow Poles to save a significant amount of time. Appropriate changes are to be introduced to the Code of Administrative Procedures and the Tax Ordinance.

– We want to give the Poles their time. Instead of losing it in office, let them spend it on things that matter to them. That is why we are ending the practice of summoning Poles to submit personal explanations in offices. During the year, they can waste up to 5 million hours on it. Remote communication techniques are being sufficiently developed for the citizen or entrepreneur to be able to submit explanation without leaving home. However, we give Poles a choice, which may be important for the elderly who prefer to deal with official matters in a more traditional way – says the head of the Ministry of Development and Technology, Waldemar Buda.

Currently, in administrative proceedings, offices may summon citizens to appear in person in order to provide explanations. In practice, this often means that a person has to adapt to the fixed working hours of offices. It is estimated that the scale of summons to appear in person may refer to at least 2.5 million cases per year.

As part of the upcoming amendment to the Code of Administrative Procedure and the Tax Ordinance, it will be explicitly indicated that the priority is given to written and electronic forms. Any summons is to require a detailed explanation of why it is necessary to appear in person in a given case.