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From 1st January 2023, each contribution payer is required to have a profile on the Electronic Services Platform of ZUS (PUE ZUS). Currently, such an obligation did not apply to owners of small businesses employing up to 5 employees and people paying contributions only for themselves.

So far, the obligation to have an account at PUE ZUS covered payers settling contributions for more than 5 people. From 2023, the requirement becomes more common and covers in practice also small companies (employing up to 5 people) and payers settling contributions only for themselves.

“By 30th December 2022, all contribution payers (natural persons, legal persons, organizational units without legal personality) had to have an account at PUE ZUS. Contribution payers had until 30th December 2022 to set up such an account personally or authorize someone to access the role of payer at PUE ZUS.

Importantly, if a given payer does not set up a profile on their own, but authorized another person to have the function as the payer (e.g. an accountant or an employee of the accounting office), in practice ZUS considers that payer to already have an account at PUE ZUS.

“PUE ZUS is a great convenience for entrepreneurs, so setting up an account is not worth postponing until the last minute. In order to encourage contribution payers to do so now, ZUS iwas conducting an information campaign aimed at helping as many people as possible to set up a profile by the end of the year. Contribution payers could expect contact by phone, e-mail or letter from ZUS. Support was and is also provided to clients directly in all ZUS offices, during an e-visit at ZUS and on the hotline.